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New Beauty Blog: New Blogging Home

Dear friends,

You have been with me for a year already, so I would like to proudly invite you to my new blogging home on:


I have always wanted to have a professionally looking blog (and I hope it was), but much more - to solve some technical problems I was always having on WIX. I have also wanted to start everything from skrethe very beginning, from a white page, and with a better content. To give you the possibility to read my blog easily on your mobile screen. To navigate without any problems.

So one day I asked my colleague, who is good at website building, to help me. He kindly accepted my offer to collaborate, and a new blog was born. It is far from being perfect still and has not so much beauty posts neither in English, nor Lithuanian, but we are still working on the website hard to finally have the desired result.

Come to my new blog to see what we have done so far.

You can always come back to this blog to read the posts on beauty which I was writing every day for a year.

Once again. Thank you for being with me and bearing the changes.



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Karolina Mikaliūnė

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