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classic make-up
red lips
+35 make-up
+35 make-up
make-up for big eyes
make-up for big eyes
soft day make-up
official make-up
soft day make-up
day make-up
day make-up
classic make-up
bridal make-up
evening make-up


Who am I?


I am a professional make-up artist, who had a professional make-up course at Beauty Make Up Studio, Vilnius, Lithuania. My teacher was Ana Valytė, a well-known make-up artist and make-up contests winner.


Why a beauty blog?


I am not only a full-time mother, make-up artist, English philology and extraordinary situation management graduate, but also a beauty blogger. I have decided to blog on beauty products and make-up because I have always been a beauty addict. My husband always teases me about the quantity of bottles in our bathroom, but what can I do? I just love trying new products and experimenting with beauty bits.

This is my old blog. Head to or


What can I do?


I can make you more self-confident, powerful and a bit more beautiful than you are. You are beautiful as you are, but some make-up tips and tricks can have a great impact on your personality. You deserve the best. You can have the best. You can get a lot of beauty knowledge here, in my Lithuanian beauty blog or in an eye-to-eye meeting. The power of make-up was proved a lot of time ago. Empower yourself. Show others who you are and what is your personality like through your make-up. Your appearance is like your business card. It has a great impact on your social networks, career, personal life and might bring you fortune and happiness. Your professional knowledge is not enough, you might have noticed...


beauty blogger, beauty blog, atsiliepimai apie kosmetika

What are the kinds of make-up I can do?


- Day make-up;

- Party make-up;

- Occasional make-up;

- Bridal make-up;

- Official make-up;

- Children make-up;

- Men make-up;

- Women +35 make-up;

- Photo-shoot make-up.


Why contact me?


I am always open to all kinds of suggestions and offers. Please, contact me, if you offer is mature.


Klaipėda - Kretinga, Lithuania



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