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Why did I choose this makeup?

Berry colors are my favorite, so when I had to choose my makeup, I had no doubts.

What about eyebrows?

I just love natural looking eyebrows. I am fed up with that dark and strongly defined lines which make us older, stricter and... You see, there is no reason to overdo with our eyebrows. I choose Eylure Pro-Brow set, where black is very soft. Then I just have to define my brows with Essence Make Me Brow for blonds. It fix and color lightly my eyebrows.

How about eyes?

Today I chose Make Up International eye-shadow. For festive makeup I prefer professional eye-shadow, such as MAC, Make Up Atelier Paris, Make Up Forever, because the colors should look the same as they are in the photo-shoot.

GOSH Gel Eyeliner in brown color is perfect for light complexion, as I have. Black might make me look too boring and aggresive.

How about face?

For summer I choose only BB creams or light foundations. This time I chose AVON LUXE line cream with color and CC meteorites. The hair line is defined with chocolate smelling bronzing powder. For my cheeks I used Markwins International blush.

How about lips?

I just go crazy about berry and fruit colors for lips. Watermelon color The Body Shop lipstick has got a light texture and silk softness. The best choice for summer time:)

How about hair?

I apply CHI red line Straight Guard serum on my dry hair. Then, I iron straight my hair, take in a bun, and take out a few strands. I fix it with Revlon hair spray and add some shine with Lee Stafford hair shine spray.



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