Baltic Beauty Blog Turns 1 Year Old

Yesterday was the first birthday of my beauty blog, and you don`t imagine how much it means to me. I remember very well the nights while writing new posts. I had only the nights, because Sofija, my daughter, was just born, I needed all my attention at days. I had to choose at nights: to go to sleep or to write. Of course, I chose the second option, and never regreted that. How much learnt, how many new people met, and how many e-mails written. Even now every day I have to make a choise between my rest or blog writing. I just love writing! I finally have a hobby! Taking pictures, looking for the beauty news, going to the social media, writing posts, answering e-mails... That`s just a part of what is happening behind the scene, as I love saying. I somebody asked me, where this is leading, I couldn`t say. I don`t know. I know only one thing: it doesn1t matter where I live, what I do, I will always follow my dreams no matter how much effort it will require.

I know my blog is mainly read by the Lithuanian women, but if you are reading this blog in English, just let me know in the comments below. This would be the best birthday present for me.

Thank you for being with me,


Your Karolina

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