Baby Style: Disney

Sofija is too small to have her own opinion about clothes, but I am waiting for that day when she will choose herself. Her wardrobe is full of clothes which would dress at least 5 other babies. It`s not because I am crazy about baby wear. It`s just because other people love giving clothes as gifts. I rarely by her clothes myself (what a shame):)

If I had to choose one brand for baby wear, it would be Disney Baby. I just love that funny fairy-tail characters on Sofija`s clothes. But one thing I love more: it`s quality. When a dress gets dirty after one baby walk, the quality means a lot. What is more, the ideas play an important role in clothes making. For example, this red bodysuit. It is very comfortable! Love red color, love the tutu skirt part. And this bodysuit perfectly matches Sofija`s tricycle. What do you think of it?

P.S. People always laugh and admire Fuksas sitting at the back. How cute, isn`t it?

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