White Eyeliner Is the New Black Eyeliner

One of the makeup trends that you should all follow this summer is wearing a white eyeliner. At least you can start thinking so while going through makeup trends that spread in the world last spring. White is new black? Is is really?

Today I have decided to create a white summer look while using a soft kajal pencil. First of all, we need a nice BB cream and a creamy blush. We can set everything with a mattifying powder but I do not need it. When our face is ready we apply a browny mono shadow, not forgeting to highlight our underbrow zone with white or ivory eyeshadow. Then, we fill in our waterline with a soft pencil, do a white cat eye and apply black mascara.

Ready for a summer night!

The white eyeliner is a makeup tool that will make your eyes look bigger and at the same time will make you appear awake. You should also try to apply a white eyeliner on both your eyelids, the top and bottom one. This look was popular in the 90’s and now the trend is back. Make sure you combine it with a natural looking lipstick. You will have a fresh and trendy makeup look. This is what summer 2015 suggests.



La Mav Organic BB Cream

GOSH Giant Blush


White Kajal Eye Pencil and ivory eyeshadow from Catrice Kaviar Gauche Gilding Eye and Face Palette

Make Up factory Havanna Brown 15 Mono Eyeshadow

Back Gosh Extreme mascara for upper lashes

Essence The Lash Curler mascara for lower lashes


GOSH Forever Lip Shine 004 Fluffy Feeling


Essence Make Me Brow Mascara

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