Beach Bar Outfit

At 6-7-8-9 p.m. every Friday, Saturday or even Sunday afternoon in the summer, beachgoers are faced with an impossible decision - grab cocktail at the beach bar and enjoy the afternoon sun, or go home and get ready for the evening. Of course, everyone wants to show off their summer style when they head out for the night, but having to go all the way home to shower, change, and shift gears is a real buzzkill, especially when all you really want to do is throw on something easy and keep on livin'.

This time when I speak about a cocktail at the beach I mean me sitting and sipping with with an imense pleasure and satisfaction. I am looking at magical sunset and millions of people going here and there on the bridge. They are all happy, friendly and smiling at each other because they all have something in common - a huge wish for the summer to go on and on.

Being a mummy needs a special occasion to sit so carelessly in the beach. I have an occasion! My husband invited me to a date, and I can count on my fingers how often it happens a year. We haven't found a babysitter yet. The only possibility for us to escape from our daily routine is to invite some nice guests and ask them to keep an eye on Sofija for a few hours.

And now it's our time. Talking talking and talking. At the beginning it seems difficult to find some topics to discuss, but later on a few hours disappear as a second.

And here is my beach bar outfit. I hope you will like it. This photo got +256 on Google Plus, and I understand why... Those men...:))


Dress - KOOKAI

Cardigan - USCO

Shoes - INBLU


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