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When I discovered Youtube a year or two ago (yes, I know, it's crazy, but it's true!), I found out one thing about myself: I'm quite curious about other people's life. Are you? I also discovered that I have too much free time, so instead of doing nothing, I went for Youtube. I grabbed some bits from beauty, lifestyle and fashion, but never DIYs, jokes or similar things. Since then my taste for Youtube channels has slightly changed, but still I mainly use it not only to entertain me, but more for better-more beautiful life inspirational reasons. I just love watching what beautiful lives other people live and always try to get some motivation form them to lead a beautiful and full of joy life myself.



329 070 subscribers • 11 899 509 views

Describtion. I'm Mimi, Global Citizen. I love Art and Style. This channel is all about fashion, fashion trends, fashion DIYS and inspirations.

Why I subscribed? Mimi is just the explosion of positivity. She loves life and life loves her. By her videos she wants to tell us that everything you want in your life you can achieve thrugh hard work and a bit of success. Could I agree more? The quality of her videos is amazing. Her husband Alex has also got his own channel and I love them both to watch. These people are not only beautiful inside and outside, but also have what to tell. I always find motivation in them. She is living in London now.


434 421 subsribers • 29 194 053 views

Describtion. I'm a wife and mommy! I love my family more than anything in the world, and my goal is to live a happy and balanced life. I share all my tips for home, beauty, skincare and more on my channel. From one girl to another, I wanna make videos that inspire others to look and feel their very best!! In a society that puts beauty before everything else, it's imporant that inner beauty and confidence radiates FIRST and foremost. CHECKINTHEMIRROR, but don't stare at it. =) xoxo,RachelTalbott

Why I subscribed? Rachel speaks so quickly and a lot that this admires me so much! I could never speak like she speak, but most importantly that she pays more attention to her video and content quality than quantity. I love her talk on beauty, but expecially I am into her home videos. Rachel has a perfect taste for home decor and can always give me some amazing ideas for more beautiful home and lifestyle. I just love her and her little son! I think she lives in Canada.


31 850 subscribers • 5 399 746 views

Description. Welcome to my channel! I'm here to share with you my passion for beauty, fashion and life in general. xx

Why I subscribed? I just love Ieva`s from Lithuania effortless video making. It seems that she is showing us how to live a simple but at the same time extraordinary life. She is so real, I love that she speaks in English and targets to vievers of different nationalities. It is also capturing that her boyfriend lives in Paris but they still have a long lasting relationship. What else? Ieva has her own taste for clothes, lifestyle and makeup. These all thing make her one of my favorite Youtubers to watch.

Not enough? There are some more Youtubers I watch from day to day, time to time, but let's leave them for next time.

What are your favorite Youtube channels?

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