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It was such a pleasure to have my best friend Evelina as my guest! I love her so much! She lives in our capital Vilnius, and since we moved to live by the Baltic sea we meet not so often. During that weekend together we discovered a wild beach in Smiltynė. It was strange to be the only people there at first, but later we enjoyed that experience and each other's company so mush! Then we walked our feet off in a tiny old-town of Klaipėda while sipping the best roasted hazelnut latte from MAX. We even found time to go to our shopping center Akropolis where I was trying to find a Tangle Teazer. I failed and was quite angry that one Internet page declares that they sell these brush because they actually do not have them. Any of their stores! So I had to order it. I also grabbed Zoella`s shower cream. Everything is from Feelunique, who let me down a few times, but since they gave my money back without even asking it, I am giving them another chance to change their bad image.

While we spending our time in my terrace, I asked Evelina to be kind to us and show her all time favorites. I also asked her to comment on her beauty choices. So, Evelina, show us your favorites and maybe we will also find something good for us:)


BIKOR EGYPTYSCHE ERDE, THE ORIGINAL ONE. This sun powder is one of the most favorite make-up products. Evelina loves that this powder gives her natural looking tan without any shimmering departicles.She has also mentioned that it lasts for ages. Although a lot of make-up artists do not recommend this sun powder as they say that it clogs porse, Evelina denies this and says that she has never noticed it. I have the fake version myself, but I am not into this type of powders. Maybe I should try the original powder, what do you think? The price for such an amount is rational.

SHISEIDO COMPACT POWDER SPF 30, NO. 60. This powder makes the face just perfect. It has got SPF 30 which reflect the light and shows of beautifully in photos. The face skin looks even, just like babies have. I have this powder myself. I bought it in Italy a couple of years ago, and Evelina's friends buy it in Ireland. It costs, yes, but the quality is very nice. It has a mirror and mattifies the skin. What else? We both do not like that it does not last for a long time: just for a couple of months.

SCREEN FACE BLEMISH TREATMENT CONCEALER. Evelina says that this blemish treatment cream is very pigmented and covers all the imperfections well, but I have tried it myself and can say that it is very liquidy. I do not like it at all. So you see how different opinions can be!:)

O.D.A DRĖKINANTIS PAAKIŲ KREMAS. All my best friends use O.D.A for their face care, especially for acne affected skin treatment. You can buy their products in Lithuania and abroad, but I do not know which countries exactly. I have tried some of their products and I can state that their are unique. Evelina is using a hydrating under eye cream for everyday bases, and has said that she is very satisfied with what she gets. The under eye skin is well hydrated and protected.

ESSENCE MULTI ACTION MASCARA. My friend claims hat this particular mascara has made her lashes grothw. What can I say? If my best friend is telling me this I have to nod, but it is still difficult to believe. I love Essence mascaras myself and have a bunch of them. They are really nice, but I have never noticed that they make lashes grow. Unbelievable, Evelina:)

CLINIQUE NEAUTRAL SHADES EYESHADOW. You can easily evaluate yourself how much Evelina loves these two shades. They have almsot gone! The brand is perfect for allergy-prone people. High quality neautral eyeshadows is a must for a day make-up.

What are your all times favorites?

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