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MACADAMIA HAIR BRUSH. It is no. 1 beauty item going with me to the Baltic beach. I have once tried Tangle Teazer, but Macadamia brush turned out to be more gentle to my hair and head skin. Actually, I doubt even to compare the quality because it just like a human being and an alien. Anyway, let's compare a bit. My Macadamia brush is way more better not only it has got very soft synthetic bristles, but also because it has got a handle which does allow to keep it steady in my hands. What is more, I have never seen a fake Macadamia brush, whereas it is difficult to find an original Teazer in my country. I had to order it in the UK as a present for my cousin. If you get unluckily a fake brush, its bristles might look to different direction after a month. I have not find any reasons to buy a Teazer myself, but if the name plays a crucial role in you buying choice, when it is better to choose one of many Teazers. I do not imagine my everyday hair care routine without my Macadamia brush which does not have any fear of water, so goes straight to my beach bag. After a year of constant usage it seems almost like new.

CLEANIC DEO FRESH WIPES. You can easily get dirty in the beach, so nice colourful wipes is a must. They mainly work like a deodorant. In any case they are comfortable and cheap. I clean my hand with them. The only drawback is their tiny size.

SUNGLASSES FROM MY MOTHER-IN-LAW`S OPTIC SHOP. I love them so much I cannot describe this feeling in words. They seem to be just perfect to me because of white flowers. Just a perfection! My mother gave me Hello Kitty cleaning wipe. Just for fun.

PUPA LIKE A DOLL COMPACT POWDER. It's a mini size, but it has got a very comfortable mirror. I do not go anywhere without it. I love the silver packaging, but it gets dirty very easily.

ESSENCE XXXL LONGLASTING MATT LIP GLOSS. Smells cappuccino. The smell is devine, the lipgloss is matt brown, looks very natural and makes my lips soft and hydrated. It does not last for a long time, but it does not matter.

BOOTS BABY PIN LIPGLOSS. It has got a mirror effect and sometimes I doubt if it is ok for me. I love the tube and its light brown shade. It does not have a smell.

DZINTARS LIP STICK. It is neither a lipstick, nor a lipgloss. Something in between. It smells very nice, and the rose color is just divine. It is like a watermelon on my lips. It hydrates my lips and makes them naturally looking rose. The price is ridiculous.

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