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How To Layer Clothes For Spring

Today after my night work I slept the entire day and now I feel fresh headed to speak to you. What I'm going to tell you usually depends on my mood, so this evening I woke up in a mood of a strong wish to chat about clothes layering and how I do it. It's an old fashion, if we can call it so. I find it more comfort and warm than fashion. In general, who am I to speak about fashion? I'm speaking only about my personal style. With the first sun warmth I take off my NO NAME (it means I can't find the name of the brand on it) pastel scarf. With even more warmth I also give my husband my non-spring at all MANGO jacket (keep calm, I have already bought a new milk color jacket). Salad green DOROTHY PERKINS cardigan with 3/4 sleeves doesn't change a lot if I leave it on my body or not. White shirt takes the whole outfit to the upper level. So that's it, everything else stays where it is because the cold wind doesn't let me immerse into complete happiness of spring. A blue pair of stretchy STRADIVARIUS trousers, black zebra striped BELLISSIMA socks and brown leather ROMANGELI shoes are the peak of comfort for me, too.

While layering clothes, I follow a set of my personal rules. I hope you will like them, too.


1. To layer casual clothes with chic.

2. To layer super feminine clothes with man-like .

3. To layer different matterial clothes.

4. To layer patterns with plain clothes.

5. To layer from 3 to 5 clothes.

6. To layer not only clothes, but also my accessories.


1. Shirt + cardigan + jacket + scarf

2. Tricot T-shirt + sweater + jacket + scarf

3. Chic blouse + jacket + coat + scarf

4. Skirt + jacket + paltas + scarf

So I say, fashion has nothing to deal with clothes layering. At least for me. When the period of no free time for myself came into my life I forgot everything about matching clothes and colors. Now I grab anything what my hand can reach first, it can be any pattern or color, and I get what you see on my blog. This freedom from clothes gives me a lot of satisfaction. I wish you to feel in the same way about clothes.

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Karolina Mikaliūnė

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