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Look At Essence Brit-Tea collection!

Essence Brit-Tea hot spring collection has finally reached my country, and I couldn't go to see it, and take some photos for you. I know how busy you are because young women as we are have so many errands to do that it's impossible to follow all the new collections in the beauty department. Don't worry-I'm here to give you all the news you need. Look at the collection, decide what you would like to buy and only then go to splurge. I want to protect you from spontanious purchases, too. You have already read my opinion about Brit-Tea collection, it hasn't changed so far. Advert images are advert, here you see how the collection looks in reality. The collection colors are pastel, as they are supposed to be this spring. Essence follows all the trends. Look at the beauty of nail polishes! Four trendy colors. The lip balm would be a perfect present for a friend or cousin. The rest is for you. For example, could you say no to flower blusher? I could't, so it went to my shopping basket. The same happened to illuminating base, which you can use before your foundation or after. I also wanted to buy duo highlighter pencil, to highlight the inner corner of my eyes. Actually, I wanted everything, except the eye shadow palette, because the colors were not for my taste, and lip glosses, for the same reason. i' also too old for rose earrings.

Have you bought anything from this collection?

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Karolina Mikaliūnė

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