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ANNY 362 Hudson River Turtle On My Nails

ANNY 362 Hudson River Turtle is not very spring like color. At least for many of you I guess. One day with some beauty blogger we had a discussion: one showed off her pink ANNY nail polish on her nails, and I wrote that I had just painted my nails with a this turtle color. Another blogger reacted, that pink is for spring, but not the turtle color. What could I say? Dark green is very spring like, because when if not in spring or summer time we could paint our nails in green? Leaving the spring topic, I have to pay your attention to a piece of my uniform. If you look at it attentively enough, you might notice that among the camouflage is hiding exactly turtle color! At work I have to wear this camouflage uniform, so you might know that the requirement for wearing it are very strict: no jewelry, except your engagement or wedding rings, no noticeable make-up, no long nails and bright nail polishes. I can make an exception only for this ANNY turtle nail polish, which matches my uniform so perfectly that no man could say anything about it. My nails are short now as the rules demand. The nail polish itself has got the lasting power of 4 days. It is easy to apply with classic brush, has got beautiful shine, but the most important criterion why ANNY has deserved my respect is the intense color, exactly the same as it is in the bottle. Those who don't buy millions of nail polishes will like the amount they get - 15 ml! Great!

Do you like this color?

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Karolina Mikaliūnė

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