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GOSH Extreme Eyeliners

First of all, I would like to praise GOSH representatives for serious attitude to bloggers. It happens that some beauty companies give you a product, but then control your posts and angrily reacts to every negative word in the post. Usually these companies give one product and expect the most of it. Thanks God it's still the minority. GOSH representatives never behave like this. Although they send a lot of stuff in beautiful black boxes, specifically designed for bloggers. It's a real pleasure to work with such companies. Believe me, if the product lacks quality I will tell you that no matter what.

Today I would like to speak about one of many SS15 collection products which left me wonder-stuck. It's XTREME EYE LINER. Actually, if winter collection had one product which I was quite skeptical about, spring/summer collection is the best GOSH could have made. It's amazing. Let's take EXTREME EYE LINER. In my hand I keep two perfect colors: 009 Turquoise and 005 Bronze. Colorful eye liner is my cup of tea in my make-up routine.

  • 009 Turquoise is a rich baby blue color, which has some sparkle in its texture. It's the must have product and color for summer. I clearly imagine myself lying on the Baltic sea beach with a pop of this playful color on my eyes. The gel texture is very smooth. The eye liner is pigmented in the way it won't leave any uncolored or pale spaces on your eye. If you try it on your hand, you will see that when you draw a line it's impossible to rub it off with your finger. Dries the same second. Amazingly waterproof. Yesterday I cried (I couldn't put Sofija to sleep for three hours) with this eye liner on, and it almost perfectly stayed on my eyes. A very important con is that it's easy to take off in the evening (I use coconut oil).

  • 005 Bronze is a perfect everyday color. If you are afraid of very bright colors, it's exactly for you! Both colors dry instantly, are smudge resistant and contains glitter. Paraben-free. The precise applicator will please to the total failures in drawing lines. It's so ease you can't imagine.

If you are cold-blooded to these colors, there are 7 more colors to pick. Amazing choice!

What do you think of these eye liners?

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Karolina Mikaliūnė

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