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20 Ways To Use Rose Water

I always have at least 2 types of flower water. At the moment you might find there chamomile water, which I already told you about, and rose water. If you want to easily sell a product, let it smell roses. You would adore this smell or hate it. Nothing in the middle. A rose could have thousands of aroma varieties. Damascus roses are plucked in the morning to keep the best possible aroma. It is thought that the first to make this water was a doctor and philosopher Avicena. Made in Bulgaria, rose water is suitable for all skin types, especially mature, sensitive and dry skin. You can use it as a toner or cleaner. I prefer it as a toner. I spray it at least twice a day, especially during those days when I spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen. Rose water has got so many ways of usage, that be prepared some time to go through all the ways I know.


  1. stimulate skin cells regeneration;

  2. cure pimples;

  3. even your skin tone;

  4. reduce visibility of capillaries;

  5. balance oily facial skin ;

  6. cool skin;

  7. reduce face redness;

  8. neautralize raw water hardness;

  9. clean face and eye make-up (last step);

  10. reduce undereye swelling when cold;

  11. calm skin after shaving

  12. calm and cool skin after sunburnt;

  13. rinse hair (you can spray rose water on clean hair);

  14. to enrich face masks (2 parts of mask, 4 parts of rose water, one spoon of apple cider vinegar);

  15. fragrant bath (you need quite a big amount of rose water);

  16. enrich face masks (one spoon for a mask);

  17. as an additional ingredient to shampoos, creams, etc. (make a mix only for one usage);

  18. fragrance underwear and bedding (spray and let it dry);

  19. improve your mood;

  20. food.

What are your favorite ways of using rose water?

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Karolina Mikaliūnė

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