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GOSH Spring/Summer 2015 Hot News

Gosh has launched their new Spring/Summer 2015 collection, and I was lucky to get most of its products just right before Easter. I was very pleased with the quality of the last winter 2014 collection, but when I started going through the content of this black box, which is well though off exclusively for blogger, and tried some of the products on my face, and hands, and everywhere, I wanted to cry out loudly: this collection is so amazing!

  • The first product I grabbed from the black chic box was 9 Shades Eye Shadow Palette. 3 mirrored compacts, each containing super buttery and pigmented colors. Stunning palettes. Color combinations made me gasp, and all of the three palettes are definitely worth the splurge. The colors are "sweet", this means they are going to be used with neutral, mainly brown shades just in between the darkest and the lightest colors in the triangle on my lids. This kind of gorgeous, on-trend colors palette will let me to create any coquettish make-up for my spring and summer day-to-nights. I'm speaking about my 0003 To Play With In Wegas palette. I have already fallen in most of the colors, especially the middle trio: yellow and two orange shades. They are my must-have SS colors. 3 options.

  • Eyelight Trio is a great option for those who are into three perfect shades matches. You don't need to think how to mix and match eye shadow colors, because three shades combination is provided for you. Wow your eyebrow bones, give depth and color with another shade, and play good with subtle sparkle. I'm ready to leave my home. 4 shades.

  • I have already tried No Limit Lash Mascara and fell in love with supple vortex brush with reservoir bristles. This is my first mascara with the bristles which let me reach the longest and the shortest lashes in one easy step. My mother has also tried this mascara, and I on both of us it looked great. I prefer this mascara to the one which I'm soon going to speak next and I will tell you why.

  • Gosh Xtreme Mascara has got soft fibres, the clever triangular-shaped brush as they say, which are supposed to give maximum length, definition and volume. Well, I haven't tried it yet, but the brush is so well-though that I have no doubt that it will be as it's expected to be. However, while No Limit Lash Mascara has got subtle smell, this one reveals its character through highly expressed smell. Too strong, without any reasonable purpose.

  • Primer Plus+ is another unique Gosh product, and even I didn't get it in my testing box, the bloggers' positive feedback makes me want to go and get that super product for my perfect youthful complextion. It's a revolution, because it contains snow algae-an active and anti-aging skincare ingredient normally found in snowy alpine regions. OMG, I can write more about it, I feel the need to test it and forget my all imperfections left as the sign of a long winter and sleepless nights.

  • I will tell you a funny story about Xtreme Eye Liner testing. I draw two lines of 009 Turquoise and 005 Bronze, took some photos for my reviews, and remembered about them only after 15 minutes lying in the bath. They were still were, with no form or color changes. Gosh, tell loudly how waterproof they are, write it as the first word of their description. They are very WATERPROOF. An amazing formula: dries instantly, smudge- resistant, easy to apply, very precise. The star product of this collection. 9 colors.

  • Giant Blush (mine is 02 Shy) and its stick packaging is really new for me. You don't need to be a prof in make-up application to use this cream-to-powder blush, and I believe many of you will appreciate it. At least I did. It's quick, it`s easy, it`s natural looking. You will also be hooked by the subtle colors (no more overdo with your cheeks), long lasting formula, super soft texture. Perfume and paraben free. Well done. 10 points once again. 3 colors.

  • Forever Lip Shine is very similar to Giant Blush with all the benefits that I discovered you above. Twist-up stick is the best packaging ever (if done right, of course). Smooth texture will shape your lips for the whole day, giving pure and shine color. From the top of the season nude to classic red. Cannot love this Gosh newbie.

Conclusion: there is no product I didn't like from the new collection. Gosh this time has completely convinced me that they know how to do right for a good price. Follow my beauty blog to find more on new collections and make-up inspiration.

GOSh New Primer Plus+ on Youtube

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