Last week`s trip to Vilnius was not just for fun. The main reason I was going there was to meet with an international Zepter manager Darya, who came here from Switzerland for a few days. If the company has been still associating with a mature, financially stable and climbing the career ladder woman, ambitious Darya is going to change this old-fashioned attitude to her company. Being approximately my peer, Darya would also love to see young women from different countries enjoying and appreciating the quality of Zepter cosmetics. Her enthusiasm is well-known for me, so I believe with common efforts this will gradually happen. Today I am telling you my first impressions of Zepter cosmetics and the company itself.


I first started using the Swiss cosmetics a half year ago, and since then I have noticed that it attributes to some distinctive features. If we spoke about the external details, these would be minimal design with a limited amount of colors, a comfortable packaging, an average amount of lettering and a simple design. Just as much as needed, no more. If we spoke about the content, the Swiss cosmetics must meet the highest requirements (to be precise - ISO 9001:2000). You might all know that the country gives a lot of attention to the user rights. Their cosmetics in many cases is paraben free and hypoallergenic, without phenoxyethanol, artificial fragrances and colors, silicone, petraulium and typically not tried on animals. I have also noticed that the mass markiting for Swiss cosmetics is rare in my country.

Fluently English speaking Darya told me that Zepter is not only kitchenware (it does not interest me). In Zepter's Swiss laboratory, strategically situated near the Swiss Alps, is maked Echinacea and Algae extracts based skincare cosmetics. It meets the highest Swiss standards. Will I agree on it? Let's see below.


Zepter offers quite a wide range of face and body care products. However, you can find only one mascara fom make-up. The company has already taken off parabens in many of their product lines, and as Darya explained, it costs. The prices are neither low, not very high, I would say.

Three lines are hypoallergenic. SWISSO LOGICAL line moisturizes and protects the skin. LA DANZA, an advanced anti-aging line. SWISS NATURE BABY, approved with ECOCERT GREENLIFE certificate has been created exceptionally for babies. SWISS NATURE SUN CARE is the most popular among hot countries like Italy, SWISSO LOGICAL PHILIP FOR MEN-not to forget men, SWISSO LOGICAL ACTICE SPA OCEAN GIFTS line incorporating active ingredients form the sea and, finally, SWISS NATURE line, protecting from ageing and free radicals.


Darya said, that she gave me the most popular products within 40 countries, so she was sure I was going to like them. I loved her assurance, so how could I have had any doubts myself? I am sharing today with you my first impressions of the products I have been testing. I will give my deepest thoughts of them now, because, for example, the whitening serum requires at least 3 months of usage to be able to evaluate the result.

WHITENING SERUM. With whitening ingredients. Has been created to prevent and visibly reduce dark spots caused by skin ageing and sun damage. Has got SPF 15, so I use it to protect my skin from the sun damage. I do not have ageing spots or some other skin problems, but I love the feeling that my skin is protected form the harsh environment impacts. Darya says, that cream does not whitens freckles. What else? This serum increases the efficiency and penetration of the active ingredients, is hypoallergenic and paraben free. One more thing is that it boots skin luminosity. You should use it morning and evening on my face before any regular skincare treatment. I cannot tell you about the brightening effect, but with this cream on I feel that my face skin is super hydrated and this effect remains all day long. The same feeling of moisture has been achieved with ACTIVE SPA face mask with Hyaluronic Acid. This is incredible! I use it on my face and hands. The packaging is very beautiful, chic and comfortable. Worth repurchasing.

15 ml, 36 EU

HYDRO-CELLULAR EYE CREAM. A bit lighter than the face serum, but the effect is very similar. It seems that the under eye zone is very moisturized for the whole day. This cream promises to effectively minimize wrinkles and firm up sagging skin caused by the loss of elasticity. It also promises to reduce puffiness and dark circles, make your eye zone look radiant, vital and energized. I do not have these problems, but I can declare that this eye cream is the best cream I have ever used. Wonderful packaging as well. Will repurchase it again.

15 ml, 39 EU

HAND LOTION/CREAM. Panthenol, Aloe Vera and Echinacea extracts moisturizes and firm up the skin, regenerates and protects it. Aloe Vera seems to dominate since the lotion is gel like. I can say that this cream is not for those who love apply the cream and to continue doing paper work. You have to wait for 10-15 min. for it to soak into the skin. The hand softness remains on my hands up to 2 hand washes. I find it difficult not to forget to apply the hand cream but since it seems to be perfect to be placed on the sink I hope it is not the case this time. I would also love to try the hand wash from Gold collection with golden particles. The packaging is comfortable. I am not used to expensive hand creams, but is definitely worth re-purchasing.

300 ml, 19 EU

EXXXTRA MASCARA. This is the product which I have not found very special. I like that it is coal black but I love false lashes effect and this mascara gives quite natural lash look. I love a silver packaging, but I hate letters EXXXTRA on it because they make this mascara look cheap. The smell and the brush is typical of most of mascaras. I would not buy it myself.

9 ml, 15 EU

HYDRATING MASK. Powerfully regenerating and moisiturising. With biopasma, native essence, ambre oceane, hyaluronic acid, plankton extract and algae extract. I used it yesterday and it was the first time I had a real mask on my face! My husband was laughing first, but later I convinced him to put it on. I left it on my hands for some time as well. What can I say? It is no. 1 products. Amazing results. Everywhere I placed this mask, the skin became as soft as all babies have. You have to put it on your face (there are holes for your eyes, nose and lips) for 15 min. and you do not have to rinse it later. The instantly visible effect. I strongly recommend this mask for all wanting a very soft and hydrated skin. I will repurchase it for sure to have for special events.

1 unit, 11 EU

CONCLUSION. Almost all the products which I have already tested have left me very good first impression. I live that the result can be visible straight away. What I do not like? All the brands which have catalog-consultant sell-buy model require time. Since time is the most precious thing now it is quite an obstacle to purchase the products I would love. Zepter does provide much higher quality than AVON and Oriflame, it is different quality and price category, so maybe it should forget the catalog marketing? These are only my thoughts. A big thank to Zepter for the possibility to use highest quality cosmetics.

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