Bellissima Tights For Open-Toed Shoes


Bellissima tights are not new for me but the open-toed tights is really something exciting and makes me curious. What to do if you could not find the closed-toed shoes to wear with a festive dress? I asked my mother this question and she did not have to answer. She left the room and came back with a pack of tights in her hand. Open-toed tights. That was the first time I saw such tights and that was kind of a surprise to me. My problem was solved thanks to my mother and Bellissima. Wearing tights is a must for a wedding ceremony in a church, right? At least I think so. A very nice discovery. I strongly recommend such tights for you.

P. S. My mother often buys my not only tights and socks, but also clothes which I fish the most compliments for!

Buy: Maxima

Price: ~7 EU

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