SKINCODE: Royal Skincare?


I do not know if you have this skin care brand in your country, but we are really lucky to have it in Lithuania. The name itself has got some associations to something connected to new technologies, and the products themselves let me think about Swiss minimalism which does not need publicity.

While going deeper into this cosmetics I have found out that it is quite difficult to reveal some facts about it because their website provides us with minimal amount of information. But I did it! I found what interested me and want to share with you, beauty geeks:)

The founder (I will tell you later who he is) claims that only a beautiful skin can be beautiful, and who would not agree? The fact that he wanted to create something new, to introduce the products which would be affordable to many people but at the same time would be effective is also something heard many time ago. This is popular to say among make-up artists who have introduced us with their makeup lines. It is worth paying attention that while creating SKINCODE a group of ,professional dermatologists and doctors worked together to find out how to use CM-Glucan, which is good at curing burns and eczema, for skincare products. Another companies do it, too. However, SKINCODE claims that they do it differently.


1. The founder of the company is prince Massalsky, who joined his father to work with some time ago, but later left his father's Swiss Line skincare company, and introduced more affordable skincare products (three times cheaper).

2. SKINCODE ir present in 42 countries, among with we have Lithuania.

3. The company has 35 products, divided into two lines: Essentials, for everyday skincare, and Exclusive, for those who wish to reduce wrinkles and desire an immediate effect.

3. Every year more than 3 new products are introduced to the market, which are free of fragrance, preservatives, colors and animal derivatives, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

4. As the prince says, his company does not follow any trends, but relies on the clients who try out the products and come back. He tends to believe that it is better not to promise what a products cannot do because the truth will come out sooner or later.

5. The most wanted product of the company has been 24 H Cell Energizer cream, with 2% of CM-Glucan active ingredient, insuring a beautiful skin. I have it and recommend it for everyday skin care.

I am not going to deny that I do not like the fact that the skincare products which I use everyday are made by the Swiss company set up by the prince (he says that it only a title). I believe that the experience that the prince has had while working with his father and separately can insure that we get the best products for our skin. I am glad that I can afford them, and I really love my Essentials skincare set, which has everything and more what I need.

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