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Could it be anything more comfortable for a woman than makeup in a stick form? I doubt it. If I could I would buy everything in a stick for many reasons. What could be better than candy smell? Than a twist-off lipstick? Than a lipstick not going out of the corners of the lips but still soft? Than professionally pigmented lipstick? We are speaking about one of GOSH lipsticks.

GOSH Forever Lip Shine (go through virtual stand) is just a perfection for every woman. Color 004 Fluffy Feeling (I have got a few shades) is difficult to describe, and I had never had such a color. It is something brown with pink cues. Then you rub it on you hand you can see silver glitter which is invisible on my lips unless the sun shines strongly.

Application with such a pencil is very pleasant, because even a first-former could draw a perfect line with it. You do not need any lip liners or make-up brushes, or something else. I believe a lip-gloss is unnecessary here. Although the lips become quite matte, but they also have some richness and shine. I would love all cosmetics to be in a pencil form. I have loved these GOSH (watch video) lipsticks, so probably we can demand more from the brand itself, yep?

P.S. I am wearing only this lipstick today on my face because it's summer and we don not have to cover our face. Let's better get some tan and fresh air!!!

Price: ~6,95 EU

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